About DMT

The engineering firm DMT Engineering Surveying (formerly Dr.-Ing Wesemann Ges. für Ingenieurgeodäsie mbH) joined the DMT Group on 21.09.2015, expanding DMT's service portfolio to include the provision of geotechnical systems for infrastructure projects.


DMT is a global engineering services and consultancy group with 280 years of experience. With 14 engineering and consulting companies at 30 locations around the world, we focus on the markets of plant and process engineering, infrastructure and civil engineering, and natural resources. Our mission is to achieve excellence, performance and innovation in everything we do. Our goal is to achieve sustainable value creation for our customers. Knowledge, digitalisation and globalisation are the key to this.

We lead the TÜV NORD GROUP’s engineering division, have numerous officially recognised expert bodies and accredited test laboratories, and employ more than 100 recognised experts in this area alone. We are involved in more than 40 funded innovation projects, many at international level, and work on digitalising existing and new business models, services and products for us and our customers. We act responsibly, sustainably and ethically – without exception and to the benefit of our customers. We help people understand the world and we create value. We call this ENGINEERING PERFORMANCE.

DMT’s roots extend back to 1737 when the first organisation seeking to improve mining safety was founded in Germany. Nowadays our business is focused on technology and digitalisation, so our goals are to further develop our long-standing technical and scientific experience and to achieve ongoing quality enhancements. Our expertise in the areas of exploration, engineering, consulting and geotechnical engineering enable us to be a one-stop shop for expert solutions to complex problems.

We explore the earth, measure its surface and look into its core. We plan industrial facilities and guarantee their functionality, efficiency and safety. We advise energy companies and storage operators, develop subsequent uses for mined land, devise infrastructural measures and plan and monitor large construction projects. We develop and build measuring systems which are used in all sorts of industries and manufacture testing products. It also goes without saying that we maintain a quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008 and an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001.

Why DMT?

At DMT we are dedicated to setting up strong long-term partnerships with our customers and fully understand that the trust they place in us is the only guarantor for lasting success. Hence, our customers’ interests are always at the forefront of our developments and our promise of:

  • EXCLUSIVITY – guaranteed by the DMT group's unsurpassed experience, specialist know-how and facilities
  • QUALITY – a reputation for excellence built over more than 200 years
  • TRANSPARENCY – full, accurate and timely disclosure of information for open and honest cooperation
  • FLEXIBILITY – single services, packages or complete turn-key solutions customised to suit your individual needs
  • VALUE – sustainable, economic solutions you can always rely on